November 20, 2014

New Research Reports Available

Accreditation Council for CME Releases Two Reports Addressing Important Issues in CME

The first report, Is There a Relationship Between Commercial Support and Bias in Continuing Medical Education Activities? An Updated Literature Review, reviews the literature about the effectiveness of continuing medical education.


  • Commercially-supported CME can provide clinically accurate medical content;
  • Physicians perceive very levels of commerical bias (3-5% on average) in post-program course evaluations; and
  • This same level of perceived bias is reported for programs that were commercially supported and those that were free of commercial support. 

The second report looks at the Effectiveness of Continuing Medical Education: Updated Synthesis of Systematic Reviews and addresses the question about whether there is a relationship between commercial support and bias in CME activities.


  • CME does improve physician performance and patient health outcomes; 
  • CME has a more reliably positive impact on physician performance than on patient health outcomes; and,
  • CME leads to greater improvement in physician performance and patient health if it is more interactive, uses more methods, involves multiple exposures, is longer, and is focused on outcomes that are considered important by physicians.

Access the full reports here