Proposal Content

Submitting Your Proposals

The proposal should be submitted via an online form including the following sections supported by a detailed budget and letter(s) of support (plus other relevant materials).

Activity Information

  • Name of the CME activity.
  • Faculty lead(s): List the faculty organizing the activity with contact information and administrative contact.
  • Proposed date(s), location(s) of the activity, Target audience (List professional disciplines and specialties)

CME Activity Description

  • Briefly describe the objectives, format, and contents of the proposed activity.
  • Highlight aspects of the activity that address the additional scope priorities (outlined above)


  • What makes your idea different?
  • Describe the innovative and/or novel aspects of the CME activity with respect to existing or standard practice.


  • It is important that the educational impact of your innovative approach is measurable.
  • Describe the methods that will be used to measure the impact.


  • State the amount of funding requested.
  • Attach a detailed budget of all expenses related to the development and production of the activity, including any expected cost sharing. To the extent possible, separate:
    • Revenues and expenses
    • Incremental expenses associated with innovations (including data collection and analysis) beyond usual expenses for the activity
    • If a similar CME activity has occurred in the past, append a financial statement for that activity to demonstrate the basis for budgeting.

Letter(s) of support

  • Please provide a letter of support from your Department Chair, Division Chief, Ambulatory Care Unit Chief, or Center Director.
  • Other letters of support may be provided at the discretion of the applicant.

Submission Deadline is Friday, December 22, 2017.

Please direct any administrative questions to:
Chelle Robins, Project Coordinator - 734-936-1671

For other questions, contact:
David Healy, MD, Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education