Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use eCAT?

Anyone with a uniqname, Level One password, or “friend” umich email account can use eCAT.

I’m a physician. Can I have my admin record my attendance for me?

Yes. Your admin would log into the tool with his or her own uniqname and Level One password, and then enter your uniqname in the field for the person whose attendance is being recorded.

I’m an admin. Can I enter attendance information for the physicians I support?

Yes. Simply log into the tool with your own uniqname and Level One password, and then enter the physician’s uniqname in the field for the person whose attendance is being recorded.

Why doesn’t eCAT work as well on Blackberry as it does on Android and iPhone?

The tool isn’t optimized for Blackberry. For those with Blackberry devices, you may want to consider logging in from a desktop computer using a web browser like Chrome or Safari.

I don’t see the activity listed that I attended. Now what?

In most cases, the activity is simply not designated for credit at this time. Email Julie ReBeau ( for further information.

Whoops! I selected the wrong date for the activity. How do I fix it?

OCME&LL will check for incorrect dates automatically and adjust as necessary. 

My report shows a different number of credit hours than the last time I looked. Why? 

We'll check for errors and make corrections on a regular basis. The CME reports contain live data, so it's best to pull a new report when an official count of credits is required. 

Why can’t I enter any data prior to January 1, 2009?

eCAT is designed to display records for three years - the length of a medical licensing cycle. If you need to enter credit dating prior to 2009, please contact Julie ReBeau (

Where can I access my older CME reports?

Reports prior to 2009 should be requested from Julie ReBeau (

Why can’t I enter future dates?

The tool is only designed to record attendance and evaluation for live activities, on or after the date attended.

Can I record credit I earned elsewhere in eCAT?

Sorry, eCAT is used for internal UM CME activities only (i.e., Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs, M&Ms). Any record of attendance you receive from local, regional, or national CME courses - sponsored by UMMS or another CME provider - should be kept for your own personnel files, and used in conjunction with the reports generated by eCAT. OCME&LL doesn’t require copies of such documentation.